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Do It Yourself Digital Signage!
1. A PC or Laptop
2. Your Favorite Browser
3. Internet Connection
4. HDMI Cable
5. Flat Screen LCD TV 32" - 55"
6. Digital Signage Account $9.95 / Mo.

Digital Signage Account Features:
1. Remote Hosting of your Digital Signage and Website
2. Display & Change Signs while working on your PC
3. Change Images and Menus independently from each other
4. Display Tickers on any Zone or Window
5. Play any Category Streaming Videos
6. Access your Digital Sign Content from anywhere

Additional Services:
Custom Menu Design and Updates from your favorite Sign Shop
      Cloud PROBER - Split Multiple Browser Window Across Multiple Display for Digital Signage use
Click here to split your browser window ( No Download! )

Cloud PROBER ( Navigator Advantages )

Planet BILLBOARD offers multitasking with splitting each browser tab or window on any size monitor, digital TV or Billboard. It utilizes power of Cloud Prober to start your cloud software targeted at any window. It also offers a cloud hub of many applications and services to free you up from your daily PC administration. Open many of listed applications, favorite search engines, directories and social bookmarking websites all side by side to monitor and compare their performances. Start using your digital surveillance system camera IP:Port Numbers, to monitor places thousands of miles away as easily as your local networks!

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Cloud PROBER ( Navigator ) - Load Other Sites While you Continue Surfing! with increased high-speed bandwidth, you can access your favorite Mashup service, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and IT infrastructure as a service ( Cloud Computing ) from other sites with a very high response time.

Planet BILLBOARD's unique "Split Browser Window" allows you to quickly change and communicate your messages in multiple windows at one time to everyone using large digital TVs either in media rooms, showrooms, demonstrations, public areas, lounges, stations, Warehouses or wherever you decide. Start using your digital surveillance system cameras to monitor places thousands of miles away as easily as your local networks through the power of Planet BILLBOARD's split browser window.

Open many of your favorite search engine, directory and social bookmarking websites side by side to search/research.

Split Your Browser Window to compare prices and Save+Display websites side by side at This is the official Planet BILLBOARD website. Shop the latest in Women, Men, Kids, Baby, Home, Bed+Bath, Furniture, Sports, Toys, Electronics, Health and See All. Check out current deals and promotions, and the Hot Offers category Ads, too.

Other Advantages:
1. Save and display unlimited Custom Links.
2. Hide your Custom Links, Classified Stations, Slideshow Panel, any window or clutter by dragging the borders.
3. Flexibility to open your custom link in a new window to capture browser history and bookmarking.
4. No software download is necessary!

1. The Evolution of Software-as-a-Service
2. Connect the DVR to the Internet
3. Connect your TV to a Computer
4. Time Management
5. Personal Time Management Guide
6. Multitasking Guide
7. solving problems and making decisions
8. Connect a webcam to your network
9. How To Set-up A Webcam
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4 All Memory
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Wireless from AT&T
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Super Warehouse
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SOYO MT-SYJCP32B1AB ECLIPSE 32" Plasma TV with ATSC Tuner (4244079)

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Oversized digital TVs and monitors inside club lounges, restaurants, & suites

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